Ham radio is a great hobby! Welcome to m6ceb and thanks for stopping by! This website is all about my interests including amateur radio and music. I started this website back in January 2010 after my good friend Eric told me to have a go at making my own website, I didn’t think I would be able to do it but here it is! I have spent many hours changing and tweaking here and there although now, I have just gone back to the plain and simple look, I love to keep the site updated so please keep checking back. Please feel free to contact me via email, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. This site has really become a place where I can share my life, photos and other information. My name is Matt and my ham radio call sign is m6ceb. I did work full time in a print room for a large insurance company and had done for about 5 years, before this I used to work for a charity with the homeless and have decided to go back to that now as I love trying to make a difference. I have put in countless hours on this website and I was a complete novice but I have learnt quite a lot along the way; I have had no previous experience with Web Design or creating websites! m6ceb.com is really a labour of love for me and I have really enjoyed this experience and will continue to update this site as often as I can. I really do hope you enjoy your visit and please do get in touch with any suggestions or improvements, visit my contact page for more information. I wanted to write a bit of an update, this website is nearing its 6th birthday now and I have worked really hard to make the site what it is today. I want to say a HUGE thanks to all my visitors for taking the time to look at my website I really appreciate it! I got my foundation license way back in August 2009 and I am still currently at the foundation level, I have a full time job and a family so time to take the next exams has taken a back seat a bit now.


I want to make this website a place where people can come and read about me and my life, please have a good look around, I have some amazing pictures of my family and I, all kinds really. There is so much to learn with this hobby, you never quite finish it. This is such a huge subject and can be very technical but is a really satisfying hobby to be involved with. My interest started when I was a young lad when my father bought me a radio scanner and I have been hooked ever since I also have owned many CB radio’s too but I found CB radio very uncivilized so ham radio was the way to go for me! If you have any suggestions at all then please contact me.

I have loads of information on the hobby and some shack pictures and even pictures of my wedding.  You can browse all of my pages via the main menu; I also have done a review on the Kenwood TMG707 and the Puxing PX-888 I have just added a review for the Yaesu FT-8900R If you are interested in radio scanners then please check out my Realistic Pro 2042 Review!


My shack is located in the spare room in my house and it’s tiny! When I first started out I had a little table where I had all my equipment (not that there is a lot) laid out. I was then looking to buy a computer desk but they are quite expensive so I kept my eye out on eBay and managed to find one for £2.20 yes you heard right £2.20 so I was very pleased it was like new and has plenty of space on it. Check out some of my other pages including accessories and if you suffer from interference then check out my ham radio QRM page
When I received my new call sign from OFCOM I just couldn’t wait to get on the air so I saved up some money and purchased a second hand Kenwood TM-G707E of another radio amateur on Ham Radio Deals.com. I couldn’t wait to get home to wire it all into my spare room. I have bought a couple of new bits since then have a look at my pics around the site.. My Radio I use is a Kenwood TMG-707E with the DTMF mic that I use for the IRLP and Echo link. When I first got the radio I used the Kenwood 10amp max Power supply but since then I have saved up to get the Palstar PS30 Linear Power supply so that when I get on HF I have the Power supply to cope with the extra power.