Ham radio is a great hobby! Welcome to m6ceb and thanks for stopping by! My name is Matt and my foundation callsign is M6CEB I passed the foundation in August 2009 & passed my Intermediate in August 2019 and my callsign is 2E0FNM This website is all about my interests including amateur radio and music. I started this website back in January 2010 after my good friend Eric told me to have a go at making my own website, I didn’t think I would be able to do it but here it is! I have spent many hours changing and tweaking here and there although now, I have just gone back to the plain and simple look, I love to keep the site updated so please keep checking back. I am very much into the digital modes and I use DMR and Fusion a lot! Please feel free to contact me via email, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. This site has really become a place where I can share my life, photos and other information. My name is Matt and my ham radio call sign is m6ceb. I did work full time in a print room for a large insurance company and had done for about 5 years, before this I used to work for a charity with the homeless and have decided to go back to that now as I love trying to make a difference. I now spend more time at home with my family and really enjoy life! I have put in countless hours on this website and I was a complete novice but I have learnt quite a lot along the way; I have had no previous experience with Web Design or creating websites! m6ceb.com is really a labour of love for me and I have really enjoyed this experience and will continue to update this site as often as I can. I really do hope you enjoy your visit and please do get in touch with any suggestions or improvements, visit my contact page for more information. One of the main things I enjoy doing on this website is reviewing Amateur Radio equipment especially things on a budget! I wanted to write a bit of an update, this website is nearing its 9th birthday now and I have worked really hard to make the site what it is today. I want to say a HUGE thanks to all my visitors for taking the time to look at my website I really appreciate it! I got my foundation license way back in August 2009 and I am still currently at the foundation level, I have a full time job and a family so time to take the next exams has taken a back seat a bit now. I have slowly been revising the Intermediate book and I am now a full time member of the Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Clubs (TCARS). I have been into DMR for quite some time now and if you are looking for the best DMR handheld radio then take a look at my Ailunce HD1 DMR Radio Review. Or maybe your looking for something a little smaller? Take a look at my Hytera PD365 Review, I also recently added the review of the Radioddity GD77! Check by often for more Ham Radio Reviews!


I want to make this website a place where people can come and read about me and my life, please have a good look around, I have some amazing pictures of my family and I, all kinds really. There is so much to learn with this hobby, you never quite finish it. This is such a huge subject and can be very technical but is a really satisfying hobby to be involved with. My interest started when I was a young lad when my father bought me a radio scanner and I have been hooked ever since I also have owned many CB radio’s too but I found CB radio very uncivilized so ham radio was the way to go for me! If you have any suggestions at all then please contact me.

I have loads of information on the hobby and some shack pictures.  You can browse all of my pages via the main menu; I also have done a review on the Kenwood TMG707 and the Puxing PX-888 I have just added a review for the Yaesu FT-8900R If you are interested in radio scanners then please check out my Realistic Pro 2042 Review! I have been asked quite a lot about what my favorite radio I use for Yaesu System Fusion (C4FM) so have done a review on my Yaesu FTM100DE.


My shack is located in our main bedroom in my house and it’s a tiny corner! When I first started out I had a spare bedroom in our old house with a little table where I had all my equipment (not that there was a lot) laid out. I was then looking to buy a computer desk but they are quite expensive so I kept my eye out on eBay and managed to find one for £2.20 yes you heard right £2.20 so I was very pleased it was like new and has plenty of space on it. Since Finley has been born of course he needed his own bedroom so I had to move my Shack to a corner of our main bedroom, small space but works well, no more late radio nights for me anymore!

When I received my new call sign from OFCOM I just couldn’t wait to get on the air so I saved up some money and purchased a second hand Kenwood TM-G707E of another radio amateur on Ham Radio Deals.com. I couldn’t wait to get home to wire it all into my spare room. I have bought a couple of new bits since then have a look at my pics around the site.. My Radio I use now is a Yaesu FTM100DE with the DTMF mic that I use for the IRLP and Echo link. When I first got the radio I used the Kenwood 10amp max Power supply but since then I have saved up to get the Palstar PS30 Linear Power supply so that when I get on HF and progress through the licenses I have the Power supply to cope with the extra power.


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