Hi everyone!

I have fallen in love with DMR! It is amazing! My father-in-law Wayne lent me his Tytera MD380 a couple of years ago as I used to work in Blackpool where there was a DMR Phoenix Repeater (GB7FO) so when I was at work I was able to listen to the repeater and get in on the action when I was able to sneak off from my duties shall we say..

But at home the radio was near useless as I just could not access the repeater from my home location so when I left working at Blackpool the radio was redundant! That was until I bought my very first Ham Radio Hotspot! I bought the Hotspot from DV Mega for around £120! When it arrived I was initially very impressed with it, it had an internal antenna and a tiny LCD screen inside. I could get around most of my house with it and made Wayne’s radio come back to life! I was hooked!

It is like having a repeater in your living room! It is amazing! I then started to research how to build my very own! Watch this space! I own very few Ham Radio pieces of equipment but I do own a Yaesu FTM100D that is able to do C4FM Digital so the hotspot is useful for that too, but me and Wayne have started a fusion gateway (MB6PR) located in Elswick Preston. So I have never needed to use the hotspot for that. I am blown away how I can now use my DMR handie inside the house without being close to a repeater! Amazing!

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