Hello and welcome to the amateur radio pages of m6ceb.com, my name is Matt and thanks for stopping by. I live in the north west of the UK near Preston (please see my contact page to see the map) with my wife Kayleigh, our son Finley and our two cats Mr T and Penny Crayon. I have decided
to start a website to share my interest in Ham radio and share some useful information I have loads of reviews you might want to check out. I have been interested in radio since I was 12 years old having had scanners and CB radio’s, I then decided in August 2009 to take the Foundation
course. I am always updating this website so please put me in your favorites. I do not own a lot of equipment at all but I really enjoy using what I have, I have never been on HF in all the years I have been licensed, this is why I love the Digital Modes so much! I can meet people all around the world, I know its not what people call real radio but it is  to me and absolutely love every second of it! I have never tried D Star yet but I am very active on both DMR and Yaesu System Fusion. I really love reviewing radio’s and giving my perspective on them and how they work for me.


This is where it all started for me listening to my scanner; I got a radio scanner when I was 12 years old. I spent many hours listening to the police (before they went digital) and ambulance. I was always fascinated how the radio waves traveled around the world, I also had a few CB radio’s when I was growing up but I never really took to that because it was shall we say very abused you always had to fight your way through it to get a decent conversation! I then reverted back to the trusty old scanner just listening to what’s going on. I then met my beautiful wife Kayleigh; her dad is a radio ham (G0HIJ) so he pointed me in the right direction as to how to achieve my foundation course. I am very active at the moment and I still own my old trusty Realistic PRO 29 Scanner. 

I have met some truly fascinating people on the radio and have learnt a lot from Kayleigh’s dad, he is very knowledgeable and I really enjoy looking at his crazy collection of Amateur Radio equipment and my main photo on the home page was taken in his radio shack.

I did my foundation course at the Thornton Cleveleys Amateur Radio Club it was a weekend course and I found it really good and very enjoyable. It was two full days of training with an exam at the end, I remember reading the Foundation License now book over and over again! I am now on the list to take the Intermediate exam. If you are interested in becoming a radio ham there is loads of clubs around the country who do the foundation course. There are 3 license classes, foundation, Intermediate and full. You can find a club near you by clicking the following link here if you wish you can email me and I will try and help you if I can. Once you gain your license you will have many years of enjoyment with the hobby, even if you stay at foundation level like I have you still have access to a lot of the bands and 10w isn’t too bad, you can work the world if the conditions are right.


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