So you have built your MMDVM Hotspot using my tutorial, but “how do I update it Matt” I hear you ask.

Well its quite simple really, lets go through it together..

You can update the Pi-Star Dashboard very easily by clicking configuration then click update, let pi-star do its magic and this will update it all by itself, but we do need to do the rest manually.

Click on the expert menu and click SSH Access from the lower menu.

Now we need to log in, assuming you left the hostname and password as default the login is;

Username: Pi-star

password: raspberry

Now you should see the screen like the one below.

Now lets begin..

Type: rpi-rw

then press enter.

Now type: sudo pistar-update

press enter.

Let Pi-Star do its magic again..

Then type: sudo pistar-upgrade

Press enter.

Now let Pi-Star do its magic, then restart your Pi-Star.. Done..

You will have to do this for every version until you are fully up-to-date. Remember restart between each version.

Now we need to know how to update your MMDVM board itself, really straightforward..

just type (once logged in again using SSH Access)

sudo pistar-mmdvmhshatflash hs_hat

This is the one I use with the one I purchased from the tutorial page.


sudo pistar-zumspotflash rpi if using a Zumspot purchased not using my guide, please check other sites to be sure. The Pi-Star forum is a great resource for information and advise 🙂

Let pi-star do its magic and viola you have fully updated your hotspot!

You can see your MMDVM version on the left of your pi-star dashboard..

Thanks very much for visiting and I really hope this has helped you, welcome to Pi-Star, its awesome!

This is meant as a guide only, please check with Pi-Star for more information. 🙂

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