How It All Began… started on the 27/01/2010 after my colleague at work Eric said to me that
he was starting a website and said that I should give it a go. At first I thought there is no way that I can do it as too much technical know how would be needed, but after some gentle persuasion from Eric I thought I would try and see if I could get something together. So I bought my website and started playing around with different ideas and before I knew it I ended up adding more and more. As I said on the homepage has really been a labor of love for me and have enjoyed (and continue to) this experience. The website has now moved over to a .com domain as its more of a global address even tho my location is in the UK I feel its the better domain to have, I still own the UK domain but it just forwards you to the .com address. Over the years my website has gained more popularity and has hundreds of visitors a month and my reviews are very popular especially. My domain now has a Pagerank of 4 and I am very proud to have achieved this.

I started with just amateur radio pages at first and when you clicked on my amateur radio section that was my home page to begin with. I then realized that to make the site grow I would need to be able to add more and more links, so I then made the homepage that you see
today. I have had no experience of web design at all! I did not have a clue what to do but just
went for it, so i really do owe a lot to my friend Eric if it was not for him i really would never
have thought to do this site. I then went on to build several websites and have managed to sell a few too, I also built a company that builds websites for people called Matt Web Services. So far I have spent many hours on the site adding links, editing pages and changing things here and there to try to make it better for the end user (you). The feeling I got when I got indexed by Google was fantastic, this was a great sense of achievement to know that I had done something right with no experience. I hope you find something of interest here and you enjoy your visit! If you do find anything that doesn’t work or have any suggestions or feedback then please do email me. This website was first hosted with back in January 2010 but they were dreadful!

The website was so so slow and had many problems so I then moved to just host and they were dreadful too! The site loaded really fast but only at off peak times! I thought I am not having much luck, then I found Hawkhost and they are fantastic! What do you think? Are my pages loading fast for you? I would love to hear what you think so please drop me an email on the contact page.

This website started life as and I then purchased the domain When I first bought this domain I really didn’t know much about Internet Marketing so was quite happy with the UK domain, I then realized that I should have used .com so I have now done a 301 redirect so all the pages now go straight to the .com. Its been several years now as .com so its payed off and I am very happy with the way its all turned out, nearly 9 years old and going strong! I still really enjoy writing reviews for the site and will continue to do so, Amateur Radio gear is so expensive and I always try and do things as cheaply as I can so I tend to review some of the cheaper items, If you have any suggestions as to what to review then please send me an email, I would love to hear from you.

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