Choyong LC90 FM/AM/SW/USB Smart Radio Review


I have been super excited to finally get my hands on this fantastic radio! This covers not only FM, MW, SW & USB but also features the huge advantage of having full internet radio! This is a game changer as no matter what the reception you have, as long as you have either wifi or a sim card (the model I reviewed is US sim card only) with data you will always have access to thousands of radio stations that you can enjoy whatever time day or night.


The Choyong LC 90 Radio is a compact, versatile radio device designed to cater to a wide range of audio needs. Here are some of its key features and benefits:

  1. Compact and Portable: The Choyong LC 90 Radio boasts a small, lightweight design, making it easy to carry and perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, this radio can easily fit into your daily routine.
  2. Wide Frequency Range: It offers a broad frequency range, allowing users to tune into AM, FM, and potentially other radio bands. This ensures access to a diverse array of radio stations, from local news and music to international broadcasts.
  3. High-Quality Sound: Despite its compact size, the LC 90 is engineered to deliver clear and high-quality audio. Enhanced sound technology ensures that music, talk shows, and news broadcasts sound great, providing an enjoyable listening experience.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The Choyong LC 90 Radio is designed with simplicity in mind. It features intuitive controls and a clear display, making it easy for users of all ages to navigate through stations and adjust settings.
  5. Durable Build: Constructed with robust materials, the LC 90 is built to withstand daily use and the occasional bump or drop. Its durability ensures a long-lasting product life, offering reliable performance over time.
  6. Versatile Power Options: The radio can be powered by both batteries and an AC adapter, offering flexibility depending on your location and availability of power sources. This makes it ideal for use at home or during outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
  7. Additional Features: Depending on the model, the Choyong LC 90 might include additional features such as a built-in clock, alarm function, and even Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music from other devices.

Overall, the Choyong LC 90 Radio combines portability, quality sound, and ease of use in a durable package. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable radio for various listening environments.


Benefits of Internet Radio.


Internet radio offers a myriad of benefits that have revolutionized how people consume audio content. One of the most significant advantages is the vast diversity of programming available. Unlike traditional radio, which is limited by geographic boundaries and frequency restrictions, internet radio can broadcast globally, providing listeners with access to an immense variety of genres, cultures, and perspectives. This means that niche genres, independent artists, and specialized content, which might not find a place on conventional radio, can flourish online. Whether a listener is interested in obscure music genres, specific cultural content, or niche talk shows, internet radio offers something for everyone, making it a powerful tool for cultural exchange and personal enrichment.

Another major benefit of internet radio is the convenience and accessibility it offers. With the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, listeners can access their favorite stations anytime and anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. This flexibility is enhanced by the fact that many internet radio services offer customizable experiences. Users can create their own playlists, discover new music based on their preferences, and enjoy features like on-demand playback, which traditional radio cannot match. Additionally, the lack of geographical restrictions means that expatriates and travelers can stay connected to their home country’s media and cultural programming, maintaining a sense of connection no matter where they are. Overall, the accessibility and customization options provided by internet radio make it a superior choice for many listeners in today’s digital age.


What’s in the box

The box is absolutely beautiful! So well designed and looks very premium, inside there is foam padding to keep your brand new radio safe, also we have a hand strap and USB Charging cable and a short compact user manual.

The radio.

There is no other way of putting it, this radio is stunningly beautiful and you feel the quality as soon as you pick it up and turn it on. It has an IPS screen with a backlight, also all the keys light up so you can see everything you need day or night, you can also change via the settings menu whether you want the backlight to remain on all the time or to auto turn off after x amount of seconds. You can also listen to media via the SD card (up to 32gb) and can be used as a bluetooth speaker, this really is an all in one device and with the HUGE batteries included (5000mAh) I have got many many hours of enjoyment from the radio on just one charge!

The audio is also fantastic with 2 15w speakers behind the metal grill to keep them from getting damaged. The right of the radio offers 3 knobs, the top knob acts as a multi function knob that can also be pushed to select menu items etc.. This also acts as a tuning knob, the middle knob is used for fine tuning and also is a push button, this can be used for things like adjusting the bandwidth whilst listening to SW/MW stations. The bottom knob is used for turning the radio on/off and adjusting the volume. You also have a 3.5mm jack to install an external antenna, a USB charging port as well as a headphone jack.

My overall thoughts.

This radio is absolutely beautiful, it’s got amazing functionality and I’m sure it will be my go to radio for many years. There’s so many things I love about the LC 90, I love the audio quality whether you’re listening to music or podcasts it just sounds amazing. I love the fact you can add an SD card and listen to music or podcast directly via the card, you can also do software updates directly through the radio, a super cool feature. The display is crisp and clear and the build quality is superb. I will link my youtube review below so you can see a few of the features this radio can do that may not have been covered here. Overall I feel this is a great radio and will use it for years to come. 


You can purchase the radio via the link in the logo below.

Some more photos of the radio..

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