Messi & Paoloni HyperFlex 10 Ultra low loss Coaxial Cable Review!


I have been licenced for around 10 years now and have always used Belden RG213 Coax for the two antennas that I have used in this time, this has served me very well and I recently wanted to upgrade my antenna to something better. I decided to opt for the Diamond X300 This decision made me rethink my coax as I thought there must be some better options on the market and boy was i right!


I had heard about M&P for quite a while but I wanted to do some research as I have always been a heavy user of VHF & UHF and I know that the loss at UHF especially can be quite severe! I started looking on their website to find out what the prices were and was quite surprised to see that it was not much more expensive than what i have been used to with Belden RG213! Yes it is more expensive but think about it this way.. How many times do you change your antenna and coax once you have installed it?


My last run of coax and antenna has been on my roof for 3 years and would have been up at least 7 more so when you think about the length of time you get out of your coax it makes sense to spend that little bit extra to get the best! I really can’t believe it’s taken me over 10 years to get to this level, the results are truly amazing!


I contacted Messi & Paoloni via facebook as I wanted to make sure I got the right coax for my situation and they were extremely helpful and really know what they’re doing, they have been making coax for over for a long time! They were founded in 1946, but have been making cables since 1974! They advised that I should go for the HyperFlex 10 as it’s the same diameter as the Belden RG213 but the loss is a lot less! For example for a 100m length of coax you would get a 16.8db loss and with the HyperFlex 10 you would only get 8db on UHF! This is fantastic and well worth the extra investment.


They were really quick to send the coax to me and came directly from Italy where it is manufactured and they were very kind to include a free t shirt and cleaning cloths! My first impressions were very good! You can tell straight away that this coax will last a lifetime and the connectors that they also provide are very low loss and are extremely high quality and are completely watertight and are easy to fit! They also include videos on their website to show you how if you didn’t know. There are also instructions on the back of the packaging, really well thought out! Well done Messi & Paoloni!


I then went to my fathers (G0HIJ) to get the antenna and coax prepared for the big day and we were both amazed at the quality and the attention to detail! My antenna has an N-Type connector and the radio is a PL259 both were supplied by M&P and all high quality, I really am super impressed! The connectors have been etched with the M&P branding and were like nothing I have seen previously! They were really easy to fit and once the connectors were fitted they are going absolutely nowhere!


The big day arrived and with the help from my friends Gary & Jordan we managed to swap my old Sharmans X50 antenna and RG213 with the Diamond X300 and the new HyperFlex 10 coax. The whole process didn’t take long at all and the coax was a real joy to install as it’s really flexible and hard wearing, the outer rubber is thinker that my existing 213 so will stand up to the elements with ease!


This coax isn’t just hard wearing on the outside, it’s also really good quality on the inside with copper clad aluminium braid and also a copper shield for double the screening! Absolutely fantastic! It was also fantastic to see that they use a foam dielectric not like the plastic one you usually find here!


Since upgrading my antenna and coax I have been seeing massive improvements in my signals and have managed to get into repeaters that i could never do before so it’s been a real result!


I am hoping to get several years of flawless use with this new coax and I can’t recommend it highly enough! If you are going to be changing your antenna or coax now or in the future then give Messi & Paoloni a go and I guarantee you will not be disappointed! 

You can purchase M&P coax or find our more about them on their website, or by clickng their logo below!

here is my video review I did for YouTube.


You can see more pictures below..

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