Palstar PS-30 Power supply review, this is really a must have in the ham radio shack! This
power supply is also known as the Manson EP-925.
The palstar power supply is a very reliable
supply and is very well-built and is very heavy! It has a really good feel to it and I have used power
mine for about 18 months now with no issues at all! The supply has two meters on the front
to show amps and volts. It also has short-circuit protection built-in so it’s very safe too!
The max amps it can provide is 30 amps which will run a 100w HF radio no problem, I am a
foundation licence holder so I am only allowed 10w but I had two radio’s hooked up to the
Palstar power supply and it managed this with ease.
The power supply also has an over current warning indicator so it will warn you, so your mind
is at ease, there is a cooling fan located at the back of the supply which comes on when
needed automatically but is very loud! (But you get used to it) you can always attach a PC fan
to the outside of the unit to blow cool air in to it continually so that the main fan doesn’t
come on as much. There are mods that you can do to make the fans run continuously and then boost when the supply gets really hot, but this happens a lot less and the fans are cooling constantly. I much prefer this type of power supply as oppose to a switch mode supply.
Also on the front the terminals are located to connect your radio to which unscrew very easily so you can attach the power wires and screw the terminals in and they will be very safe.
Sorry this isn’t a very technical review, it is just meant to be my personal opinions and views
regarding the power supply. Overall I really like this Palstar PS-30 Power supply, it does
exactly what it says on the tin! If you are looking for a built to last power supply then this
really is for you, they are quite expensive (about £100) but I feel it is well worth the extra
money over a switch mode supply! I have used this supply for years and years and has worked flawlessly all this time!

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my review and I hope you have found what you
are looking for. Please see my ham radio page too! Thanks again!

Here are some of the tech specs:

Palstar PS-30M: Variable Voltage Power Supply
Input voltage: 220/240V AC
Output voltage: 3-15V DC adjustable
Current: 25/30A Max.
Noise and ripple: 10mV RMS
Thermostatically controlled fan
Volt and current metering
Over current warning indication
Short circuit protection
Weight: 8.58kg
Size: 150 x 145 x 300mm

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