I bought this Realistic Pro 29 radio scanner about one year ago and paid about £30 second hand and I have to say it is really good! As you may have guessed by reading my website  I am a big fan of
radio scanners and have quite a few!

This scanner is a 60 channel hand-held radio from the early 90’s I think and even today in
2018 it’s still a fantastic little radio! It is made of the usual plastic you can expect from RadioShack and It has a really nice weight to it and takes 4 AA batteries it also comes with a charger
so you can charge your batteries whilst inside the scanner so you don’t have to remove them. It has two power sockets on the side, one for charging and one for just powering it.
I just use normal batteries and they seem to last a good few hours even days!

On the front of the Realistic Pro-29 it has a scan and manual button so you can either scan all the channel memories or just go through them manually. It has buttons 1 to 9  to input
frequencies and turn the memory banks on and off. There is also a key lock button to stop you accidentally pressing the buttons and a memory channel lockout so you can turn off certain
channels from the scan.

The scanner covers these frequencies:
29-29.7 MHz (10-Meter Amateur Radio)close up
29.7-50 MHz (VHF Lo)
50-54 MHz (6-Meter Amateur Radio)
108-136.975 MHz (Aircraft)
137-144 MHz (Government)
144-148 MHz (2-Meter Amateur Radio)
148-174 MHz (VHF Hi)
406-420 MHz (Government)
420-450 (70-cm Amateur Radio)
450-470 MHz (UHF Standard)
470-512 MHz (UHF “T” Band)
806-823.9375 MHz (Public Service)
851-868.9375 MHz (UHF Hi)
896.1125-956 MHz (UHF Hi)

In addition, this scanner is pre-programmed with the following weather
Service channels:

162.400 MHz (NFM)
162.425 MHz (NFM)
162.450 MHz (NFM)
162.475 MHz (NFM)
162.500 MHz (NFM)
162.525 MHz (NFM)
162.550 MHz (NFM)

The realistic Pro-29 radio scanner also has the ability to do a limit search so you can just search a certain part of the band which is a very useful feature. The scanner is very easy to program and needs little skill to achieve this. On the back of the scanner there is a belt clip that can also be removed if you need to. On the top of the scanner it has a separate volume and squelch knob and the BNC antenna socket for the rubber duck antenna that is supplied although you can use an aftermarket one if you wish. Overall I am really happy with this Realistic Pro 29 scanner, I have found it a great addition to the shack and has come in use many times and is also great to be able to take with you when you are out and about! I have found that this radio is very sensitive and does exactly what it says on the tin. there is very little activity at my location so I really don’t use the scanners much now, shame really.

Thanks for reading my little review and I hope you have found it useful, Thanks also for taking the time to visit my website and hope you come back again real soon!

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