Welcome to my Radio Shack!

I live in a small village on the North West Coast of England called Freckleton, it’s a small town house with a small garden, so I have limited space when it comes to antennas. This hasn’t stopped me though and currently have an End Fed Half Wave Antenna by UK Antennas and it world fantastically well! I also use a Sirio Gainmaster for 10 & 11 meters.

My current radio is the Icom IC 7300 that I have owned since May 2021 and is superb! The only other HF radio I owned was the Yaesu FT897D so this is a hell of an upgrade!

My shack is located in our bedroom and is just a tiny desk in the corner, it has everything I need to work the world!

Some of the other equipment I use other that the Icom IC 7300 are;

Zetagi B300P, This is a fantastic amplifier and I only use this on 10m with my Alinco DR135 on its lowest power setting to give me 50W

Alinco DR135 10 & 11m Radio although I only use it for 10m

I also run two simplex gateways (MB6FR & MB6IFR) . The radio I use for MB6IFR is the Yaesu FT7800 connected with a Raspberry Pi 3b and a repeater board on top, this runs PiStar and works very well indeed.

The Radio I use for MB6FR is a Yaesu FTM100 with a HRI200 wires X internet linking system, this is also controlled by a separate PC that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

The two gateways are run on a Microset PT120 PSU. My main shack radios are run on the Alinco DM-120MVZ 25A PSU.

The two handheld radios I used are the Ailunce HD1 and the Yaesu FT1D, for my DMR I run a hotspot that I build myself for about £50, this also runs PiStar and is left on 24 hours a day and is available whenever I need it. The FT1D is perfect to allow me to access my own gateway MB6FR.

My Main shack computer is a gaming machine and the specs are;

Ryzen 7 3700X

32GB ram

RTX 2080 Super

MSI B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard.

I also have an Amazon Fire HD tablet that I converted to run with android so I can runs apps like zello. I also love my Digital Photo Frame for my awards that I have achieved on the digital modes..

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