Welcome to my Twitch about me page!


My name is Matt I am 36 years old and I have a wife and a 6 year old son! I live in a small Village on the North West Coast of the UK called Freckleton! I also have Asperger Syndrome which is a form of Autism.


I have been gaming since the early 90’s! Playing Sonic on the mega drive! I have had most consoles since then, original Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstaion 3 and 4 I always wanted to play games on PC but never had the money to buy a good enough setup until now!


My setup isn’t the best by any means, but for me its perfect! My Specs are as follows;


I5 2400 CPU;

Asus GTX 1050Ti 4gb GPU

16GB Ram

250Gb Samsung Evo SSD

500w PSU


5TB Seagate external hard drive

3TB WD external hard drive

2TB WD External hard drive

1TB Seagate external hard drive

320GB Seagate external hard drive



The pc origanally was a Dell Optiplex 790 but took the motherboard out to put in an old PC case that my father in law was throwing out! I bought the Dell pc as a Plex media server PC and I still use the PC for that today! I have been collecting films and tv shows for about 4 years now!

 I have just recently started on twitch and play mostly sim type games, my favorite is Euro Truck Simulator 2 & The Hunter! I also do like to play fallout 4 (when I am brave enough) and Escape from Tarkov, but I am terrible at it lol!


I would really appreciate it if you said hi in the chat and a follow would be gratefuly recieved 🙂 Hope to see you in game!

If you would like to download any of my mods please click the google drive link >>>  HERE  <<<<









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