A Little Information About Me

Do you really want to know? Oh well, okay, here goes:

My name is Matt and I have asperger’s syndrome, this is a mild form of Autism and means I struggle with making friends and socializing. Radio helps me a lot as I can meet new people in the comfort of my own home.

Some people may not know that I have never been on HF! Not once! One day I would like to try it but I find that I can work the word using Digital and love doing it, I also love the quality and extra functions it can offer.

Amateur Radio Call sign: M6CEB

Favorite Colour: Blue, Red or Black

Favorite Girl: Kayleigh of course

Favorite Boy: My Son Finley!

Favorite Music: I absolutely LOVE old skool dance and rave music from the early 90’s music like I know by new Atlantic, Snap Exterminate! I have loved this music since I was 12 and this is my BIGGEST passion above amateur radio and this website

Favorite Films: Die Hard 1, 2, 3 , S.W.A.T, Taken, Bad Boys (Will smith), CHAOS

Favorite TV Shows: Restoration man, American Chopper, American Hotrod, Car SOS, Wheeler Dealers

Favorite Comedy TV Shows: Lee Mack, Peter Kay’s car share.

Favorite Soap: Coronation Street, not that I am that much into TV.

Favorite Car: BMW M3 or my trusty Kia Sportage

Favorite Pet: Cat
Favorite Food: Indian takeaway or Chinese

Favorite Drink: Pepsi Max

Favorite Pastimes: listening to music, Building this website, cats, amateur radio, going out for meals.

Thanks very much for reading and coming to my humble website, I really appreciate your stay and I hope that you have found some useful information and look forward to hearing from you and I hope to chat to you on the airwaves soon. Some useful link for you.

My YouTube Channel: m6ceb

My Twitter account: @Matt_M6CEB

My Instagram @matt_m6ceb

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Matt M6CEB

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