I bought this Baofeng UV5R TP about a week ago now and love it! Such a great little radio! Very well made, you really do have confidence that if you dropped it no harm would come to it.

I paid £25 including postage from a UK supplier and this radio says it can do 8w on high power but I have found that this radio does nowhere near that, on high power I seem to be getting about 5w but I can easily access my local repeaters with this handie and have had some great reports on air! In a lot of ways it’s no different to other baofeng radios in that they are just a cheap handheld radio that do the job, nothing fancy and the sort of thing you wouldn’t mind taking rock climbing or walking as if it got broken it would not be fortunes to replace.

I have now had my radio about a year and it still works well and have been using the larger battery packs with it and for the money its a very good little radio and would buy another without hesitation. You really can’t go much wrong with one really, one downside is if you are not used to the Baofeng menu’s and programming then it can be quite difficult to decipher the manual but there are loads of video’s on YouTube showing how to do it.

Please have a look at my review video below and I will upload more once I have had time to play around with it!


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