I bought this Kenwood TMG 707 When I first passed my amateur Radio Foundation course! I bought it 2nd hand on HamRadioDeals and could not wait to go and pick it up! I don’t think I paid a lot for it and its been a fantastic radio and cannot fault it!

I have had my Kenwood TMG707 radio for a year now and I have to say I absolutely love
this rig! I bought it second-hand and it’s been great it looks fantastic and it’s very sensitive. I
have the detachable face plate and that is very handy if you want to use it in the car

Mine came with a DTMF mic and it lights up so if you are driving at night you can see the
buttons. You can use most of the functions of the radio by the microphone buttons so that’s really handy too!
I’ve found the menus on the Kenwood very easy to use without a problem and the manual is very extensive and easy to follow and has pictures inside which is very helpful. I think there are
about 35 menus in total where you can change your memory settings and lock out channels you don’t want to scan and change the tone burst and CTCSS tones as well and a whole host of other things like naming the channels of the rig to the name of the repeaters and so on.

The look and feel of this radio is also excellent it has a very nice weight to it and feels very
well made too, it’s a lot smaller than it looks on the pictures but is very well thought out and
when you use the detachable face plate all the controls are on the detachable unit so wherever
you have that mounted is where you can access everything so you can keep the main unit
under your car seat for instance.

There are 3 power settings on the Kenwood TMG707 low, medium and high these are low 5w
med 10w and high 50w/35w this radio is a dual bander covering 2 meters and 70 centimetres
there is also an option to change the brightness setting for the display.
Overall I am very happy with this radio it’s been flawless in the time I have owned it and I got it
second-hand and it’s quite an old rig now. If you’re looking for a solid well made radio for
2m70cms then this radio is for you it may be an old radio now but it’s so easy to use and does
what it says on the tin…. Fantastic radio! It’s now 2018 and the digital modes have really taken off, you can pick up really good 2nd hand Yaesu Fusion Radio’s like the Yaesu FTM100DE for not that much money and would give you access to a lot more!

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